Music for the Kama Sutra

for contrabassoon solo, and other works
audio CD 'Music for the Kama Sutra,' works for large ensembles and orchestras that features the composer Robert Hughes on contrabassoon, with works conducted by Dennis Russell Davies, Gerhard Samuel and Denis de Coteau                  order this audio CD
Music for large forces: instrumental and electronic
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Music for the Kama Sutra

for contrabassoon, flute, trombone, violin, cello, piri, cheng and percussion. Conducted by Gerhard Samuel, with the composer on contrabassoon. Commissioned by the San Francisco Ballet.


for orchestra and electronic tape. Conducted by Dennis Russell Davies. Commissioned by the Oakland Ballet.


for large orchestra, two conductors, multi soloists and electronic tape. Conducted by Robert Hughes and Denis de Coteau. Originally issued as 1750 Arch Records S1772 and remastered.


for four flutes, 4 French horns, 4 contrabasses and 4 electronic tracks. Conducted by the composer.