by Ezra Pound
'Complete Violin Works 1923-1933' by Ezra Pound, composer with Introduction by Robert Hughes, engraved and facsimile scores, published by Second Evening Art 
Complete Violin Works of Ezra Pound, 1923-1933
Edited by Robert Hughes; Introduction by Margaret Fisher
“Criticism via music, meaning definitely the setting of a poet’s words” (Pound, “Dateline”)
Thirteen violin works, with Pound’s settings of 8 poets

Second Evening Art Publishing, 2004, first edition
160 pages, perfectbound (paper), shrinkwrapped, ISBN 9780972885928, list $33.00
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About the book

  • The Complete Violin Works composed by Ezra Pound in a double volume with engraved scores for performance:

    • Part I. A literary and technical study of Ezra Pound’s solo violin works and two facsimile pages from “Fiddle Music First Suite.”

    • Part II. Thirteen engraved performance editions of the music and two facsimile pages from “Sestina Altaforte.”

Audio Excerpts

Al poco giorno.   Violinist: Nathan Rubin.
Excerpt from Ezra Pound’s setting of the words of Dante’s poem for solo violin.
Available on audio CD (Other Minds 1005-2)


  • Violin Works (in chronological order of composition).
    Editor’s notes include background, perspective, and performance history.

    • Gaucelm Faidit’s Plainte pour la Mort du roi Richard Coeur de Lion
    • Sujet pour violon (resineux)
    • Fiddle Music First Suite
    • Sestina: Altaforte
    • Sestina in Homage
    • Pétrus Convitortio’s “Tu soi nel fiore della tua bellezza”
    • Le Duc de Bourgogne’s “Madame trop vos me spremes”
    • Folle è colui che vole
    • Era nel core mio
    • Homage Froissart (for violin and piano)
    • Sonate “Ghuidonis” pour violon seul
    • Frottola
    • Al poco giorno

About the Editor

Robert Hughes, composer, conductor, and bassoonist, met Pound in Washington, D.C. Their brief discussion about music led Hughes to mount Pound’s first opera Le Testament with the San Francisco Opera in 1971. He assembled Pound’s complete second opera Cavalcanti from manuscripts that had become separated over time and premiered that work in San Francisco with the Arch Ensemble for Experimental Music. He is conductor and artistic director of two audio CD’s of Pound's music.

Complete Violin Works of Ezra Pound
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